2024 Alumni in the Media Honoree

CEO and Co-Founder, “15 Minutes” Inc.

With a 40+ year professional background and expertise in cause related, special event and sports marketing, Pam is a self-described serial entrepreneur who has established the start-up of four successful marketing agencies (thus far!) in her career, the first while still a student-athlete attending Temple University on a basketball scholarship.  

Driven by a timeless resolve and unwavering passion for promoting issues deemed relevant and socially responsible by communities who are often underserved and overlooked by a larger society, Pam’s work is deeply-rooted in persuading multinational corporate leaders to seek growth by viewing themselves, their employees, and consumers – as neighbors connected by concerns, interests and the essential need for equality. Based on the principles of social equity, and fair access to the same opportunities and outcomes, Pam’s commitment to increasing the social consciousness has been her personal ethos and the vortex of her business model, as she continues to cultivate and create opportunities, initialed with compassion and a sense of corporate responsibility. 

Pam has set new standards for a diverse group of clientele including major brands and product manufacturers; non-profit organizations; women leaders, activists, athletes and celebrities – as well as a $400 million official sponsor of the NFL.

Pam, along with her wife and business partner Nancy Becker have been empowered to succeed thanks to the love and support of their families and chosen family, the generosity of their mentors, loyalty of friends, endless inspiration from collaborators, and a vote of confidence from their many clients, all of whom they are grateful for. They approach each and every day with a purpose of paving a better way for their daughter Kali, so that she can create her own vision to share with the world!