Student Scholarship recipients

Cassandra Borchers: international study, London

Thomas Creedon: internship at, New York

Justin Dowdall: independent project, “Sidewalks and Normative Uses of Space and How These Norms Influence Relational Dynamics”

Darragh Friedman: independent project, “The Voices of Time Before They Are Silenced: Civil Rights in America”

Natacha Houdegbe: internship, Philadelphia Magazine

Mihir Patel: Production workshop with neighborhood elementary school, Duckrey Tanner

Daharis Pesantez: independent project, “NYC-High Line: Repurposed Space and Political Citizenship in the Neo-Urbanism Climate”

Kaitlin Reilly: international study, Rome

Taylor Shea: independent project, “Recruitment of high school students to Temple University”

Sydney Taylor: internship, Dr. Phill Show, Los Angeles

Lateef Belle: internship, Nasser Entertainment and All3Media America on Undercover Boss, Los Angeles

Sean Carlin: internship, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Wafai Dias: independent project, “Palestinian and Israeli Female Activists”

Amy Fiore: international study, Rome

Kendall Jackson: international study, Rome

Tyler Lauletta: internship, The Opie and Anthony Show at SiriusXM

Nomi Leasure: internship, GOOD Magazine, Los Angeles

Brittany Lewis: independent project, “College Diaries”

Graham Lyman: internship, Anderson Group Public Relations, Los Angeles

Victoria Marchiony: internship, CRED Philly Magazine

Bria Moss-Wilkerson: internship, Ethical Music Entertainment

Joe Rega: international study, Dublin

Dominique Spooner: international study, South Africa