2015 Alumni Hall of Fame Honoree

Journalism professor Linn Washington Jr. continues work as a journalist, the career he’s pursued since graduating from Temple University in 1973. Washington is an award-winning journalist who specializes in analytical/investigative coverage of issues involving social justice, race-based inequities, the news media and law. His reporting has included news coverage from four of the world’s seven continents. Washington’s news career spanned positions from reporter to executive editor. As a faculty member in Temple’s Department of Journalism, Washington regularly teaches skills courses in reporting and writing. Washington co-founded the Journalism Department’s Philadelphia Neighborhoods.com, the acclaimed hyper-local news site. Student work during Washington’s PN.com tenure earned over fifty regional and national journalism awards including a number of awards for best college news website. Washington has directed Study Away programs for Temple’s School of Communications in London and South Africa. Student news reporting from the South Africa program won two major international awards.

Washington’s professional career also included a stint as Special Assistant to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. As speech writer for the Chief Justice Washington also performed policy analysis and conducted media relations. Washington graduated from the Yale Law Journalism Fellowship Program where he earned a master’s degree from the Yale Law School. Washington grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The most valuable lesson Washington learned as a Temple undergraduate was the necessity for ‘hard work.’ Knowing the necessity for doing your best with all tasks is a lesson that has paid multiple dividends for Washington.