Photographer and Editor, CBS Philadelphia

Kyle Hall, KLN ‘08, found his passion in his high school’s TV and video crew, which led him to where he is today. His teachers noticed his potential early on, and pushed him to keep improving his short video productions and live sports broadcasts. At Temple, he immediately became involved in the TV studios of Annenberg Hall as a student worker and as a shooter, editor and director of Temple Update. A new mentor, Rick Beardsley, took him in and pushed him to excel further in his craft. He also began freelancing as a shooter and editor for WFMZ Berks during his Temple years, and landed an incredible paid internship with the Eagles. 

After graduation, Hall worked full time at WFMZ. There, he grew professionally until he was offered a job as a shooter and editor for WFOR CBS 4 in Miami. His superiors noticed his strong creative drive and sense of adventure, which brought him opportunities to work in the special projects department. The work involved many adventure specials, including a 30-minute special on sharks and one on cave diving, which earned him six NATAS Suncoast Emmy awards. Covering severe storms and crime in Florida provided the adrenaline kicks that Hall needed to keep his spirit in the business alive. After a while, he decided to return home to Philadelphia, and was able to make a quick transition to CBS 3.  

“I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve been fortunate to have, and I look forward to many more to drive my adventurous spirit further,” he said.