2013 Alumni Hall of Fame Honoree

Jour ‘94

Reporter, 6abc Action News

David Henry joined WPVI-TV in November 1986 as a general-assignment reporter.


During his time at Philadelphia’s top-ranked news broadcast, Henry has covered many major stories of local, national and international importance. He was on the ground in San Francisco following the major earthquake in 1989 and helped explain the Florida recount in 2000 following the Bush vs. Gore presidential election. He traveled to the Middle East to cover both gulf wars, and reported from Ground Zero following the 9/11 attacks. More recently, he covered the massacre of five Amish girls in rural Pennsylvania in 2006 and the 2013 collapse of a Center City Philadelphia building that was being demolished.


Prior to his time at 6abc, Henry’s work experience included that of weekend anchor/reporter at WTNH-TV, New Haven, Conn.; anchor/reporter for WTAJ-TV, Altoona, Pa.; anchor/reporter for WRTI-FM radio in Philadelphia; and announcer/news editor at WDVR-FM radio and WYSP-FM radio, both in Philadelphia.


He grew up in Wayne, Pa., where he now resides with his wife.