Founder and head of A&R, Black Cement Records; owner, Memory Music; and partner, Studio 4 Recording

As a musician, producer and engineer, Will Yip is inspired by great songwriting. He’s interested in songs – of any genre – and how they have the power and possibility to touch a lot of people. Yip, who grew up in the Philadelphia area playing drums and writing songs, first found himself in a studio at age 12 and was immediately captivated by the process of creating music. By 14, he had a job assisting in a local studio and began saving up his money to fill his mom’s basement with recording equipment. He recorded his first band, hardcore act Blacklisted, there a few years later and built a following of local punk acts, who all laid down tracks in his mom’s house.

In college at Temple University, where Yip studied recording, he worked with acclaimed producer and professor Phil Nicolo and interned at Ground Control Studios and Indre Studios. He engineered The Fray’s “Live from the Electric Factory” in 2006 and began working out of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania’s Studio 4 that same year, where he recorded his first important effort, Blacklisted’s “No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me,” in 2009. Since then, Yip became a partner in Studio 4 and has produced and engineered albums for Lauryn Hill, Panic! at the Disco, Title Fight, Circa Survive, Balance + Composure, MeWithoutYou, La Dispute, Quicksand, The Wonder Years, Code Orange, and many more, building a community of artists who continue to return to Yip for each subsequent album.

Yip, multi-genre producer, draws inspiration from a vast range of music, pulling from hip-hop to hardcore to indie rock and focusing wholly on building great songs. Since the beginning, he’s approached each album as if it were his last, ensuring that he gives 100 percent to every project and aiming to make each release bigger and better than the artist’s previous work. In 2013, Yip released a compilation of his artists, Off The Board: A Studio 4 Compilation, which featured songs from Title Fight, Circa Survive, Tigers Jaw and Anthony Green. In 2015, Yip launched an in-house independent record label called “Memory Music” and in 2017, Yip – alongside Atlantic Records – launched a major label imprint called “Black Cement Records.  Alongside Code Orange, Yip was nominated for “Best Metal Performance” Grammy category for the record “Forever” in 2017.